• Dr Izhar Aziz


Updated: Jun 11, 2019


FDM will often print vertical axis holes smaller than the intended design diameter. The reason this reduction in diameter occurs is explained below;

  1. as the nozzle prints the perimeter of a vertical axis holes, it compresses the newly printed layer down onto the existing build layers to help improve adhesion

  2. the compressing force from the nozzle deforms the extruded round layer shape from a cicle into a wider ad flatter shape

  3. this increase the area of contact with the previouly printed layer (improving adhesion) but also increase the width of extruded segment

  4. the result of this is a decrease in the diameter of the hole that is being printed

for component with multiple holes in different direction, prioritise first blind holes ( because they are the most difficult to post process, then holes with small diameter (less than 3mm) and finally the rest of the holes in order of importance.

hole in 3d printing

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