• Dr Izhar Aziz

Metal Additive Manufacturing Technologies - Overview

Additive manufacturing technology has gained tremendous momentum over the last five year. It started with prototyping technology and over the years have been for industrial use in many important applications. As of today, there are 11 major metal AM technologies competing for applications in the industrial environment. Every technology has its own specific advantages and limitations regarding their part design, cost and mechanical properties

Above shows types of metal AM technologies available in the market. It has become more complex decision when it comes to choose the right technology for given application. Based on ISO/ASTM 52900 standard, most of the processes can be classified into two categories; Melting & sintering based technologies. While sintering always comes with a binder and a two step manufacturing process, melting technologies can be accomplished by distinction of the material deposition method ( direct or powder bed) and by energy source. Sinter based AM process require a sintering step and therefore have heat as the main energy souce. There are also classified by the material depositioning method and further distinguished by type of feedstock.

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