• Dr Izhar Aziz

Life gets real these days - Customised Protective Mask

With the help of 3D Printing, we have develop a new approach in producing customised design for masks.

The design is mainly crafted based on Computed Tomography CT scan data and 3D Printing technology. Medical images help in representing users skull by accurately outlining the initial model. The facemask has been completely shaped using computer aided design (CAD) software and printed from Polylactic Acid (PLA) in fused deposition modelling (FDM) machine using 3D Gence One printer.

Characteristically, this custom mask covers half of the upper head from the forehead to nose - thats it. It has thickness of 3mm and features apertures for eyes. Ethylene Vinly Acetate (EVA) foam with 2mm thickness is adapted to cover the inside of the mask while elastic band is attached at the back of it to ensure perfect fitting to the user.

Thus custom mask is 3D Printed with 0.2mm layer height consuming approximately 15 hours to complete. As what can be seen the mask is looking perfectly smooth and comfortable after performing polishing and finishing touch. There you go, life does get real these days.