• Dr Izhar Aziz

Industrial vs Desktop FDM

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

FDM technology is used in both low cost 3D Printers as well as high end industrial machines.

Most low cost desktop printer are technically similar to industrial counterparts but their capabilities differ. The main difference are;

1. Range and selection of material

Industrial printers a tightly controlled environment and are able to automatically adjust printer setting to suit the print material.

The controlled environment in particular means that parts are printed in an enclosed building space with temperature and humidity both regulated. This slows the rate at which parts cool down, limiting the likelihood of warping and distortion.

Most industrial machines also used dual extrusion allowing support structures to be printed in dissolvable material

2. Accuracy

Due to controlled environment, industrial machines produce greater accuracy with a high level of repeatability compared to desktop machine.

Desktop FDM printers offer a low cost and the accuracy is generally adequate for most applications.

3. Build volume

The build volume is also bigger allowing larger parts or a greater number of parts thus allow for low to medium production runs.

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