• Dr Izhar Aziz

How to produce actual design?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the most common method of producing a design for 3D Printing. There are few ways to create your electronic design for digital manufacturing. The 3 main methods are of modelling: Solid modeling, Surface modeling and Sculpting

1. Solid modeling creates 3D Models as if they are actual parts beginning with a solid extrude block of material and sections are added or removed to a desired shape. normal functions are extrude, cuts, sweeps and revolves. Solid modeling is a parametric modeling where changes or parameters are saved at every phase and can be edited ant any time during design allowing automatic design update. furthermore, this solid modeling offers assembly function that allow components to be assembled together. This is essential when to deal with complex models involving many components with different sizes and shapes

3D Modeling file

2. Surface modeling is typically used for free-style or designing organic shape parts. Compared to solid modeling which all operations based on three dimensional movement, surface modeling places series of points over a surface and allow easy manipulation to form any complex organic shape. However with such a high design freedom would lead to problems especially involving accuracy and part manufacturability

3. Sculpting is quite similar to surface modeling as for organic shape with the extend to the intricate details. users mainly used sculpting for designing jewellery or any organic shape. The software packages were designed with sculpting in mind. The software comes with pressure sensitive tablet or monitor plus with the digital brushes to reflect classic sculpting tools such as rake or thumbs to move or add material. using these tools artist create sculptures that consists of large polygons allowing intricate details to be captured in a design. In comparison the simple geometric shapes typically used in solid modeling are significantly lower in polygon count (often in thousands compared to the tens of millions produced via sculpting

Sculpting file

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