• Dr Izhar Aziz


Fused deposition modelling or FDM was trademarked by Stratasys. Also known as material extrusion technologies and fused filament fabrication (FFF). How it works? A spool of filament is loaded into the printer and fed through the extrusion head. Once the printer nozzle has reached the desired temperature, a motor drives the filament through the heated nozzle melting it. The printer then moves the extrusion head around laying down melted material at a precise location where it cools down and solidifies. Once a layer is complete, the build platform moves down and the process repeats building up the part layer by layer.

One Printer FDM Machine

Im amazed with the printing quality as the layer is hard to see. push nozzle gives more advantages as for a quick head change. I have used many desktop printers and all required tape and glue for the material to stick on the bed but not for 3D Gence One printer. The ceramic heated bed was designed with a smooth textured surface that require no tape or glue. So less headache with One printer. It has been 3 months One printer with us, so far all parts were fabricated flawlessly. Good to highlight that sometimes it requires a bit of alteration to the retraction setting to get the print as clean as possible but once it configured all materials seemed to work seamlessly well. Do visit our office for hands on experience.