• Dr Izhar Aziz

Digital Dentistry & 3D Printing

Digital dentistry can offers the ability to produce small,smooth, complex part that fit nicely inside the mouth. Every set of teeth is unique to the individual, meaning that every dental appliances has to be personalised. Bespoke features allow dental lab to adopt 3d printing technology for dental applications such as dentures, crown and aligners.

SLA/DLP printers are capable of producing accurate parts that meet the high level of customisation and resolutions that dental lab requires. Parts are also printed with a very smooth surface improving patient experience and comfort plus faster process. Many SLA/DLP materials are engineered to withstand sterilisation processes as well as offer some level of biocompatibility. Surgical drill guides has been one of the top most 3d printed part in digital dentistry as it offer personalisation of the guide that fit comfortably inside the unique shape of the patient’s mouth.

Based on 3D scan of the patient’s mouth, a 3d model of the surgical guide was produced as above picture. The design was converted into an STL file and prepared for 3D printing. The guide was oriented accordingly to minimise cross sectional peeling forces during printing and to allow excess resin to drain. Supports points were added only to surfaces where the guide was not in contact with the surface of the teeth to maintain the guide’s accurate fitting. Once printed, the guide was washed in isopropyl alcohol dried and then UV cured. Supports we removed and a stainless steel metal drill sleeve was inserted into the printed guide hole to complete the guide fabrication. The guide was bagged and autoclave sterilised to prepare it for the procedure.

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