• Dr Izhar Aziz

Digital Dentistry

Last week i flew to Incheon, Korea to have a look at DDS digital dentistry full systems including a small DLP 3D printer. The machine and software was developed by AEGISDDS in a city known as Guro digital complex.

Mr Erik and Mr Jin showed me the whole digital process of single crown, inlay and onlay. Crown was manufactured in 10mins 15secs while inlay only required 5mins. The process starts with scanning the impression using intraoral scanner. The digitised data was then transferred to the CAD software for designing the crown and inlay. once design was finalised, the data was sent to a milling machine. This whole process took less than 15mins. The software is easy to handle and comes with tooth library that make the designing process even easier. I was told a new version of intraoral scanner and milling machine are expected to launch by Sept this year. Desktop size milling machine and ergonomic design intraoral scanner absolutely will give dentist great experience of digital dentistry. Really looking forward to install the system in Malaysia.