• Dr Izhar Aziz

Desktop SLS Printer

As one of the first-ever true benchtop-sized SLS 3D printers, the Sinterit Lisa has long been a front-runner in this growing market segment. Manufactured in Poland, this compact machine managed to make SLS 3D printing more accessible and affordable, while still maintaining the high print quality that makes the technology so valuable in the first place.

The Sinterit Lisa costs MYR 35,000 on its own, but for MYR 8,000 more, users can acquire the sandblasting and powder sieve as well. Aside from the relatively low price, another attribute that makes the Lisa so appealing is the intuitive user interface that simplifies the entire sintering process, breaking everything down step-by-step.

With a 150 x 200 x 150 mm build volume and a minimum layer resolution of 0.075 microns, this 3D printing system is ideal for prosumers and small businesses that want an introduction to SLS technology without having to invest too much capital in bulky equipment.

The Sinterit team has been working diligently to enhance its flagship 3D printer, recently unveiling the Sinterit Lisa Pro. This new and improved model includes a larger build volume and built-in nitrogen chamber. The Sinterit Lisa Pro is currently available for reservation, while the original model can be purchased below.

Full Desktop SLS System

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