• Dr Izhar Aziz

3D Thinking

The visionary power of 3D Printing has always stemmed from the design freedom it offers. Parts can be formed exclusively on the basis of its functionality and nothing else. Yet the greatest advantage of 3d printing is at the same time its greater challenge. One of the toughest task the design engineers face is how to rethink the existing parts and leave old conventions behind. Most part developers have learned to create their design on the intended machining process and in doing so they have assimilated a number of what they considered to be the golden rules. for example you can't drill around the corner, You can't cast a cavity and so on. Particularly in the early days of 3D revolutions, design engineers struggle to liberate themselves from this traditional mode of thinking. Many 3d Printed parts are greatly resembled their conventional counterparts. But now things have changed. More and more universities and teaching budding designers to think free form with no limitations concerning the production process. Now the first this new generation are graduating and looking for jobs. Equally, some suppliers of 3D Printing technologies responded quickly to the huge demand they saw in this area and began supporting their customers with training course in free form design. Unlimited design freedom is increasingly becoming a core component of training courses. The new designers are likely to make fundamental changes to the shapes and forms of future parts. At the same time, on the software front, design and simulation programs are improving all the time and automatically suggesting 3D specific design options. All this will give industrial 3D printing even more boost and that prompts the question of why the laser should only be melting metal (Dr. Thomas Fern, Germany Trumpf)


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