• Dr Izhar Aziz

3D Printing Start Up

3D Gens establishment is motivated by many things. first is nothing less than my love with 3D Printing technology. Start to know a SLA machine in 2003, awed with the machine but yet to understand the materials and the process. Prototyping during those days were alien to the industries let alone young engineers like me. I was excited to see how it runs and how it turns a liquid photopolymers resin to a 3D Model. Since then, i was involved with design and product development. from prototyping to silicon rubber mould, from design to the direct fabrication. 2 years later i got to know SLS ZCorp machine, low cost SLS 3D Printer machine that uses powder to build a 3D models. its purely for prototyping and to work with powder material is absolutely challenging.

3D Gens or 3D Generation was incorporated in 2015 as a start up company that focus on 3D Printing technology. We first start in medical application by producing patient's anatomical models that printed through FDM machine. Then we've extend our services to 3D Biomodeling and  patient specific implant. It has been really great has we successfully placed 3D Gens has the first local company providing 3D Printing implants. License establishment for medical device authority (MDA) & Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device (GDPMD). from two to 13 people. The journey that begins in 2015 has now entering its third year...