• Dr Izhar Aziz

3D Printing Hybrid System

Recently many has raised the questions on 3D Printing hybrid system whether is the future trend or unworthy investment. Hybrid system means combining machining and 3d printing in one single machine such as milling or drilling with 3d printing. Unfortunately that resulted into transforming unquestionable marvel of 3D printing into annoying drag on the other built in process. The reality is that the expensive integrated milling cutter spends most of the time waiting around idly for the 3d printer to reach a certain stage in the build process. Then it leaps into action for two minutes before returning into its idle phase for the most of the time. No production planner with any sense would install high end milling machine on the shop floor if it was hardly going to be used. The main issue is that the processing speed of both machine is really far apart thus to offer any good reasons for combining them in a single machine is not feasible nor practical at all. Thats my early opinion on the systems based on my experience and my knowledge on the 3d printing technology. I'll do more research on this area and share with the readers. feel free to share your thoughts on this matter.