• Dr Izhar Aziz

3D Printing

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I got to know Rapid prototyping since early 2000 and felt in love straightaway with the technology. The familiar terms during those days was RP or Rapid prototyping Technology (RPT). it was coined that way as it refers to direct process of producing prototyping parts. The terms may sound old and boring but it absolutely caught my eyes. The first machine was SLA 7000 where it uses a photopolymers resin and laser technology to cure your CAD cross-section in every layer. Thats the reason this technology also known as layered manufacturing. it builds part layer by layer at a micron layer thickness. metaphorically, its like you adding a page in a book. your CAD cross section is the rectangular shape paper. if the page was thin enough you can even see the paper lines while if the page is thicker then you can see the lines which the effect of the layered manufacturing. it also known as additive manufacturing as you add layer by layer. I wrote this blog with the aim to share my knowledge in 3D Printing technology and share my experience managing a start up 3D Gens company capitalising this fantastic technology.

Desktop SLS Printer Lisa