• Dr Izhar Aziz

3d Metal Printing @ 3D Gens

After four years of establishment, we managed to get a 3d metal printer for 3D Gens. Arrival from its manufacturing site in Miskin, UK and safely unboxed at 3D Gens 3D printing lab in Shah Alam on the 08.09.2019 10:00am. Small receptions was organised to witness the arrival of the first metal printer in our premise.

Since 2017, we have been considering to get a metal printer but yet to decide on which machine. We have visited ARCAM in Molyndal, Sweden with its Electron Beam technology, 3Dsystem in Denver, US, Trumpf in frankfurt, Germany, SLM in Singapore. Travelled to Birmingham, UK for T&T Additive Manufacturing Exhibition, Formnext in Chicago and Frankfurt, Germany and many others just to get a first hand information about 3D Metal Printer. It was in late 2018, we get a chance to visit Renishaw manufacturing site in Miskin, Cardiff and get a first look at RenAM500E which is the upgraded version of AM400. Love at first sight is real.

The RenAM 500E is Renishaw's Explorer AM system. It is designed to offer value to new users, who want a safe starting point to develop their AM skills and understanding. This suits us well as our team is young and this is our first Metal machine experience. It also offers expandability to add sensors and features to create a more advanced system for research and development purposes. Another option that attracts us. Key benefits as below;

  • Built on the operational principles of Renishaw's AM 400 system whilst incorporating enhancements based on RenAM 500Q technology.

  • Effective gas flow across the powder bed is vital to maintain consistent energy transmission – ensuring consistent high-quality processing, improving safety and minimising turn around time.

  • Designed to offer users the ability to change between different materials for the purposes of experimentation and process flexibility.

  • Renishaw's innovative optical system Fusion, tightly integrates with the advanced digital control system to unlock multiple processing modes, allowing both modulated processing for fine lattices and detailed features, and continuous processing to unlock higher productivity and the potential to process in thicker layers.

Key features

  • Build volume 250 mm x 250 mm x 350 mm

  • Class leading vacuum preparation and low argon consumption

  • System powder handling via the glove box

  • Class 1 laser safety

  • Safety integrity level (SIL) rated oxygen sensor

  • Patented large SafeChange™ process emissions filtration

Open material parameters

Renishaw follows an open parameter ethos, providing our customers with freedom to optimise machine settings to suit the material being processed and the user's specific geometry.

Metallic materials

  • Titanium, Ti6Al4V

  • Aluminium, AlSi10Mg alloy

  • Cobalt chromium, CoCr

  • Stainless steel, 316L

  • Nickel alloys